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Company Profile


Company Profile

BE YOUTHENEDIt is a special trademark registered by Building 3&4, NO.12 Yucai Road, Huadu District, Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,P.R.China, founded in 2010, is a dermatological skin care brand with the core product of whitening and removing freckles with science and technology; it is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, CNAS-certified national-level laboratories rely on biochemical technology to specialize in the development and manufacturing of skin care, cosmetics, and health products. Bei Youqing is a brand with scientific and technological innovation as the core. The scientific research team has gathered professionals from various fields such as dermatology, botany, biology, fine chemicals, cosmetics, etc. The "father of the six gods" professor-level engineer Li Huiliang is the researcher The general counsel, associate professor and doctoral supervisor Liu Zhong of Jinan University is a scientific research expert consultant. A strong R&D talent team provides a solid backing for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. As a technology innovator in the beauty industry, the company has a database of 3000+ formulas and has applied for nearly 200 national patents, including the region's first Japanese and American invention patents. The exclusive technological formula gives products a high degree of efficacy and competitiveness. In order to continuously improve cutting-edge research, the R&D center has established joint laboratories with top scientific research institutions around the world, and carried out strategic cooperation with authoritative professional institutions to ensure that enterprises have continuous technological competitiveness and R&D source power, with industry-leading technical qualifications and Intellectual property barriers empower the brand.

Production and quality strength

The factory has a modern production and research base of 30,000 square meters, 30 diversified production lines, a 100,000-level dust-free workshop, more than 60 automatic and semi-automated production equipment, and an innovative research and development experimental center of 2000 square meters. The innovation laboratory has passed the CNAS review and accreditation and is listed Enter the national laboratory and obtain the laboratory qualification of international multilateral cooperation. It can independently issue 166 authoritative test reports to meet the stringent requirements of product quality testing and efficacy evaluation, marking that the company’s testing technology and comprehensive quality capabilities are at the industry’s leading level and are in line with the international level, which in one fell swoop has promoted the credibility of Beiyouqing’s product market and A new level of competitiveness.

The factory has successively passed multiple international management system certifications such as ISO22716, GMPC, ISO9001, BSCI, etc., and established a full traceable quality control process, which surpasses the national and industry standards by more than 20% of the stringency, escorting BE YOUTHENED high-end quality.

Enterprise and product honors:

【National high-tech enterprise

【Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center】

Silver Member of IFSCC International Cosmetic Technology Alliance】

【"Executive Director Unit" of China Private Technology Promotion Association

【Group standard setting unit of Guangdong Cosmetics Society】

【"Pioneer Advocate Enterprise" of China's Cosmetics Green Supply Chain

【Contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprises in Guangdong Province】

【Outstanding Enterprise of Science and Technology Innovation in Huadu District】

【"Pioneer Artisan Award" for Chinese Cosmetics Aesthetic Engineer

2018 (3rd) Cosmetic Technology Festival "Most Innovative Team"】

"Best Creative Formula Award" in the "Thousand Color Cup" Cosmetic Formula Creative Competition in 2019

【Approval of national administrative license for whitening and freckle removal and sunscreen special cosmetics】

【Green environmental protection promotion products】

【Pacific Insurance Company Quality Underwriting】

2021 The most Popular Enterprise in Western China

【2021 China West Beauty Annual Word-of-mouth Brand

【2021 China West Beauty Industry Annual Most Influential Enterprises

【2021 Western China Beauty Industry Technology Innovation Award

【2021 Beauty Industry Patent Achievement Award]