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Scientific research strength


BE YOUTHENED is a brand with scientific and technological innovation as the core. The scientific research team has gathered professionals from various fields such as dermatology, botany, biology, fine chemicals, cosmetics, etc. The "father of the six gods" professor-level engineer Li Huiliang is the researcher The general counsel, associate professor and doctoral supervisor Liu Zhong of Jinan University is a scientific research expert consultant, and a strong R&D talent team provides a solid backing for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


As a technology innovator in the beauty industry, the company has a database of 3000+ formulas and has applied for nearly 200 national patents, including the region's first Japanese and American invention patents. The exclusive technological formula gives products a high degree of efficacy and competitiveness.
In order to continuously improve cutting-edge research, the R&D center has established joint laboratories with top scientific research institutions around the world, and carried out strategic cooperation with authoritative professional institutions to ensure that enterprises have continuous technological competitiveness and R&D source power, with industry-leading technical qualifications and Intellectual property barriers empower the brand.

Global scientific research alliance:

【"Marine Skin Care Technology Experimental Research Center" by Cybec, France

【French GREENTECH Natural Active Material Research Base

【France (Monaco) Aiximei Skin Anti-aging Technology Experimental Development Center

【Dutch DSM Personal Care Joint Research Center

Lipotec International Anti-aging Research Center, Spain

 Korea SK Bioland Fermented Skin Care Technology Research Laboratory

Schülke Microbiology Joint Laboratory

Israel IBR Joint R&D Innovation Center

Vantage Specialty and Natural Oils Innovation Laboratory, USA

【United States INOLEX Cosmetics Joint Laboratory

SENSIENT Cosmetic Research Center, USA

【Korea WOOJUNG Makeup Creative Joint Laboratory

【French Abbey Packaging Development Creative Center】